Trusted Partner

At Edge Realty Advisors, we understand that real estate strategy is an ongoing, evolutionary process—not a standalone project. In today’s dynamic marketplace, we are a trusted partner providing appraisal and valuation services for major financial lending institutions, REIT’s, attorneys, government entities and private property owners for the purpose of loan origination, portfolio asset management, estate planning, and litigation for damage disputes or foreclosure proceedings.

Expertise & Due Diligence

Edge Realty Advisors is fully equipped to service complex, visionary and non-traditional projects. The success of a planned real estate transaction is often directly linked to the analysis of the deal’s financial and operational structure. Our principals have acute awareness of potential problems and are able to convey potential risks and opportunities for upside. Our range of due diligence services includes key indicator reviews (turnover, creditworthiness, occupancy costs and yield rate sustainability) and benchmarking against competitive metrics as well as in-depth surveys of market participants to assure “real time” solutions.


Our custom technology platform makes use of the firm’s proprietary database and report writing software as well as a wide range of specialized valuation tools and resources. Specifically, we utilize industry-leading research resources such as: Costar Comps & Property; Loopnet; PwC National Investor Survey; RERC; Self-Storage Almanac; MLS; Smith Travel Research; PKF Hospitality ResearchIREM; Marshall Valuation Services; National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS); MPF Apartment Market Reports; Imapp; and many others. Argus Valuation DCF is utilized for all income-producing properties. Drawing from these resources, we collect and analyze all relevant factors that lead to a well-supported value opinion and result in a client-centric document. Company leadership is active in every assignment from engagement to delivery.

“Cutting Edge” Real Estate Solutions

The core values of our company are trust, character, insight and access. Our “edge” is the ability to deliver unparalleled, industry-leading service by attracting and retaining superior talent. We ensure precise and accurate answers for our clients drawing on the depth of our team’s experience. An experienced MAI has “hands on” experience with each valuation assignment.

Coverage AreaFlorida Region

Based in Orlando, Edge Realty Advisors provides real estate appraisal services throughout the State of Florida with a concentration in the Central Florida area. We also have experience conducting regional portfolio assignments spanning across several states, particularly in the southeastern United States.

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