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Nicholas D. Pilz, MAI, SRA, AI-RRS


Nicholas D. Pilz, MAI, SRA, AI-RRS is a Partner of Edge Realty Advisors. Mr. Pilz has personally completed, supervised, and reviewed thousands of appraisals covering a wide variety of property types. As a consultant and appraisal expert, Mr. Pilz has provided training, managing, and supervision in a multitude of complex civil litigation cases. Additionally, Mr. Pilz has formulated valuation tools to strengthen development and reporting for residential and commercial valuation services.

Mr. Pilz is knowledgeable about all aspects of real estate including construction, real estate sales, property valuation, appraisal review, education development, and software engineering. His accomplishments during his 20+ year career as a valuation professional are reflected through his past leadership roles in the Appraisal Institute and his current appointment to the Appraisal Standards Board. Mr. Pilz offers personal experience completing, supervising, and reviewing thousands of appraisal reports covering a multitude of property types, for a very wide variety of clients. Through this experience and specialized knowledge of program development, Mr. Pilz introduced a unique perspective to compliance in appraisal development and reporting through customized programs.